Thursday, January 5, 2012

SIP Trunk Solution

A SIP Trunk solution allows you to enjoy the benefits of VoIP using your existing phone system and infrastructure. This means
  • enjoy some of the benefits of Voice over IP, without additional expense.
  • no need to get rid of your  current PBX system. 

How does SVI's SIP Trunk solution works ?
  • SVI installs a certified Integrated Access Device at your business, 
  • This certified Integrated Access Device connects your existing PBX to our proprietary network 
Your connectivity will then simultaneously serve both your data and voice needs.

Here are the benefits of this solution ?
  • Consolidate your data and voice bills, lowering expenses
  • Maximize the existing Internet connection for both data and voice
  • Customize your communications platform and lock in the economic advantages of a VoIP solution prior to moving to a hosted VoIP solution
This solution allows you to try out the benefits of VoIP in a cost effective way prior to moving to a hosted VoIP solution.

The benefits of an Hosted VoIP Call Center Solution

SVI Hosted Call Center Solution has the resiliency of a carrier-class platform, enabling organizations of any size to build a comprehensive, feature-rich call center anywhere in the world. It supports individual centers as well as distributed multi-site centers to act as a single virtual call center, regardless of geographic location.
With the Hosted VoIP Call Center Solution you'll be able to
  • Unify and centrally manage distributed call center resources
  • Distribute Calls to Employees, anywhere
  • Supervise and manage distributed agents from any web browser
  • Manage service levels for consistent quality at every touch point
  • Scale on demand to meet changing business needs
  • Integrate with to maximize productivity
  • Ensure business continuity, faster disaster response and recovery
  • Provide Professional Greetings and on Hold Music

How to reduce your telephone costs

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technologies will help you reduce significantly your telephone cost.
Depending on your current system and internal infrastructure you may choose to keep your current phone system or to replace it with the latest in voice technology:

An IP Trunking Solution is a versatile and cost effective way to enjoy the benefits of VoIP while utilizing your existing legacy system and internal infrastructure. Voice and data, will no longer reside on separate networks, your connectivity simultaneously serves both your data and voice needs.

A Hosted PBX Solution replaces your outdated phone systems or Centrix or Centranet lines with the latest in voice technology: Polycom phones, Broadsoft switch, the market leader, and Voice optimized Internet Access.